DTG and DTF are great ways to produce prints with lots of colours, in smaller quantities or to run off provisional samples to full runs. they can be positioned on lots of areas of the garment and all use environmentally friendly inks.

With the top of the range Texjet machines and water based inks, we can produce super vibrant and high quality prints

So what is DTG and DTF?

DTG or Direct to garment is a method using high quality digital printers which use CMYK and white inks. Using a tried and tested method and using garment pretreatment the t-shirts are directly printed on with the digital printer. 

DTF or Direct to film is a method where the ink is printed on a transfer paper, a glue is then applied and cured, making a very high quality, vibrant and long lasting transfer to press onto your garment of choice. this is great for heavier garments like Hoodies and sweatshirts or jackets and its possible to place on pretty much any placement on a garment, sleeves, hoods, pockets or just the front or back. 

Minimum order: 1 unit

Turnaround: 1-10 working days

What else do we offer?


Why not add a touch of beautiful embroidery to your printed product. we can apply it so any part of a garment to add that classy final touch. 

inner neck print
Garment finishing

Finish off your products with a great range of items such as Neck prints, woven products and labels, swing tags or packaging 

CMYK Screen print
Screen printing

If you have bigger orders or love the finish of a screen printed garment then head over to here and check our screen printing service.