Woven Labels, Badges, Swing tags & Sewing

Are you looking to push your brand as far as it can go? Adding final touches such as woven labels & swing tags can really help your brand look the best it can and stand up to any of the leading brands on the market.

High quality labelling and attention to details really helps brands further them selves to be successful. Our products we produce are of the highest quality, with focus on every detail. With years of experience in the fashion branding industry and a large portfolio of respectable brands under our name, we focus to produce the highest quality detailing products for any situation.  Get in contact for  competitive quotes and further advice as to what would be best for you. 

embroidered badges
Woven & Embroidered Badges

We can produce these with glue backings so they can then be fixed onto various garments and give you item a top quality finish

neck label picture
Woven Labels

We can make these in all shapes and sizes you wish, the most popular are folded or flat cut labels, which can then be sewn into the neck of the hem of a garment,

swing tag attached to tshirt
Swing Tags

Finish off your products with top quality swing tags, we can offer a different range of strings and pins to attach. A simple finishing touch to add that extra class and also necessary when displaying on s shop floor.

Woven Labels

Minimum order: 100 units

Turnaround: 21-28 working days


Minimum order: 100 units (for woven) 10 units (for embroidered)

Turnaround: 21-28 working days (for woven products) 7-10 working days (for embroidered)

Swing Tags

Die cut and unique shapes

Minimum order: 1000 units 

Turnaround: 21-28 working days

Simple shapes and sized items 

Minimum order: 50 units 

Turnaround: 7-10 working days

What else do we offer?


Why not add a touch of beautiful embroidery to your printed product. we can apply it so any part of a garment to add that classy final touch. 

DTG tshirt

If screen print isn't what your looking for then check out out digital options 

CMYK Screen print
Screen printing

If you have bigger orders or love the finish of a screen printed garment then head over to here and check our screen printing service.